Step 1: Choose the perfect pair for your face shape!

Step 1: Choose the perfect pair for your face shape!

View Common Compatible Face and Frame Shapes!


Oval faces have high, angular cheekbones and a slightly curved jawline. This face shape is best complemented by eyeglass frames that are wide or rectangular.


Square faces have a strong jawline with a wide forehead and cheekbones. Smaller, round frames will help contrast the strong angles and lines of a square face.


Round faces are most recognized by a wider forehead, full cheeks, and a curved chin. The Symmetry of a round face shape is best complemented by square frames.


Triangle-shaped faces have a more defined jawline while the harrowest point is the forehead, or vice versa. Wearing wider frames can help balance out the face proportions.


The wider forehead and the narrow jawline of a heart-shaped face is best complemented by wider frames. Wide frames will help counterbalance the narrowness of the chin.


A diamond-shaped face will have broad cheekbones with a narrow eye and jaw line. Designer eyeglass frames that are round rimless, or square will best fir this face shape.

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